Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week ~ 梅赛德斯·奔驰的水牛城时装星期

Last night six highly anticipated runway shows exploded onto Buffalo catwalks for Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week. From ethnic prints at Solome to Lawrence Pizzi’s relaxed tailoring, guests were thrilled by the eclectic variety of designers on show. Held at the Conference Centre, VIP guests sipped on ‘Three Olives’ cake flavoured vodka whilst enjoying the show.

昨晚因为梅赛德斯奔驰的水牛城时装星期因此六个设计师做了猫道。从Solome的民族印花到Lawrence Pizzi的舒服裁缝业都有,各种各样的时装设计师让客人感到很兴奋。在会议中心发生了,贵宾一边抿一口英国的蛋糕味的伏特加酒叫‘Three Olives’ (三个橄榄)一边看演出。

Bukola Are at the House of Versatile Styles (HVS) paid homage to her Nigerian heritage using African textiles to create fun, flirty pieces. Patterned blouses with tailored micro-shorts were matched with bold lip colours. 

Bukola Are是HVS的设计师和她向自己的尼日利亚血统表示敬意。她用非洲的纺织品所以她做很有意思又可爱的衣服。我看了有图案的衬衫和裁缝做的短裤与亮的口红很般配。

Buffalo based designer Jimmy Lee’s love for colour was evident in his collection as bare foot models wore dresses from fuschia pink to canary yellow. Key pieces were evening gowns with interesting cut-out designs.

水牛城的设计师叫Jimmy Lee明显的爱颜色,模特不穿鞋和她们穿多色的连衣裙,从亮的粉红色到金色都有。晚上的连衣裙有意思的图案是重要的衣服。

Vitamin Water’s Uncapped Competition was a highlight of the evening showcasing local student talent. Each designer was designated a Vitamin Water flavour for their inspiration and the outcomes ranged from bridal gowns to dirt track racing inspired pieces.

晚上最意思的猫道是Vitamin Water(维生素的水) Uncapped 竞赛。维生素的水表示当地学生的才能。每个设计师有一个维生素的味道,这个味道是他们的灵感起源。设计师的回答范围是从婚纱到草地赛的衣服。

Katelynn Hanners, Villa Maria College, used ‘Squeezed’ for her flavour and created a gorgeous tailored cocktail dress modelled by the elegant Ivory.

Katelynn Hanners, Villa Maria学校的学生,有‘Squeezed’ (紧握)的味道。她做了一件非常漂亮的连衣裙和她的模特叫 Ivory ‘象牙’。

Allie Pawlukojic, also Villa Maria College, using ‘XXX’ flavour created a magnificent dress incorporating a plastic corset over berry-coloured voluminous fabrics.

Allie Pawlukojic,Villa Mario学校的学生,有‘XXX’的味道。她做了一件很奢侈的连衣裙,她用玻璃的束衣和很多的粉红色的绸缎。

Katie Gariepy used the citrus colours and fluidity of ‘Rhythm’ to create a Grecian style gown.

Katie Gariepy用’Citrus’的柑橘属水果的颜色和流动性,她做了‘Rhythm’一件连衣裙。

Lisa Clark looked to the dirt track for inspiration for ‘Drive’ and created a detachable skirt which doubled as a chequered cape.

Lisa Clark有‘Drive’的味道,她做了草地赛的衣服,这件裤子也是一个多变的皮件。

‘Revive’ by Talia Daly was a Grecian style gown which was modelled beautifully down the catwalk.

Talia Daly有‘Revive’的味道,她做了一件希腊的连衣裙,这个模特穿衣服在描道很漂亮。

Joshua Hart used his experience at Kleinfeld to create a gorgeous bridal gown, the rhinestones reflecting the dragon fruit essence of ‘Power-C’.

Joshua Hart在Kleinfeld的商店工作所以他做一件婚纱。 这些莱茵石反射龙水果的味道叫‘Power-C’。

The winning design (left) was by Konana Cicocki with’ Glow’ flavour

Konana Cicocki的味道是‘Glow’, 她是获奖者。

Allie Pawlukojic models her own design (left) and Katelynn Hanners’ design worn by Ivory (right)

Allie Pawlukojic 在左手穿自己的连衣裙Ivory在右手穿Katelynn Hanners的工作。

Vitamin Water Uncapped Competition Finalists。


Zita Pop debuted her youthful SS12 collection last night. Using signature prints throughout the collection, from mini-cheongsams to leather jackets with detailed pleating, Zita Pop’s large collection showcased excellent pattern cutting skills and was teamed with blue eye and lip makeup. Sophisticated and youthful, Zita Pop’s designs are perfect for urban chic ladies.

昨晚Zita Pop表示她的春夏12时装的收藏。她的衣服都有一样的印花布,从短的旗袍到细褶裥的大纹幼虫,Zita Pop做的衣服表示Zita的才能。这些衣服于蓝色的口红和眼影很匹配。这高端的衣服很年轻的, 城市的女人将爱 Zita Pop 的衣服。

The youthful ambiance of the evening was continued in Solome Katongole’s Cultural Couture collection. Colour and print were key to this collection as saffron yellows and olive greens met African prints in sophisticated shapes. The collection was enjoyable and the saffron yellow satin cut-out design dress was a personal highlight.

昨晚有一个年轻的环境,Solome Katongole的文化Couture的衣服是很年轻的。颜色和图案是很重要,亮的黄色和录色于非洲的图案。这些衣服很兴奋的,我特别喜欢那件黄色和有意思的图案的连衣裙。

Lawrence Pizzi’s ‘One Woman One World’ collection was the finale to the night. Relaxed tailoring for women and men, neon swimwear, and leather appliqued jackets matched with grey pleated skirts were an interesting mix of clothing. Silver face paint and topless males with body glitter proved too much for some women in the audience to handle. A silver suit matched with a chainmail inspired hood was very chic and the bridal gown showcased Pizzi’s vast range of talents.

昨晚的最后一幕是Lawrence Pizzi的‘一女人一世界’的收藏。舒服的缝纫,氖色的泳装,大纹幼虫于灰色有褶的裤子,都很有意思。模特有银白色的化妆品和袒胸的男人让客人很兴奋。一个银白色的西装于盔甲式的面罩很雅致的。一件婚纱表示Pizzi的才能。

Lawrence Pizzi being interviewed.

电视台对Lawrence Pizzi进行了采访。

A perfect finale to this Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!


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