Three Olives Vodka ~ 三个橄榄的伏特加酒

‘Three Olives’ premium vodka, imported from England, is known in America for its wide range of flavours. VIP guests at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week were treated to grape vodka in our goody bags and the bar was serving up a wide variety of complimentary martinis. ‘Cake’ flavour is the newest addition to the Three Olives family joining flavours such as root beer, chocolate and triple shot espresso. Served with whipped cream and hundreds of thousands sprinkles, cake flavour is a perfect for an indulgent night with the girls.

‘Three Olives’ (三个橄榄)是英国的高级伏特加酒。在美国三个橄榄因各种各样的味道而著名。梅赛德斯奔驰水牛城时装星期的贵宾收到了一个礼品袋,里面有着一瓶葡萄味道的伏特加酒。酒吧给贵宾很多免费的马提尼酒。三个橄榄最新的伏特加酒是蛋糕的味道。三个橄榄别的味道是根汁汽水,巧克力和三杯浓咖啡。喝蛋糕味道伏特加酒,泡沫奶油和很多小的糖果搭配最好吃。蛋糕味道对一个宽纵晚上跟别的女人完全合适。

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