Monthly Muse: Eve Arnold ~ 每月的灵感的源泉:伊夫·阿诺德

Eve Arnold (1912-2012) was an American photojournalist who captured a wide array of iconic images, from intimate onset photos of Marilyn Monroe to horse trainers on the plains of Mongolia. Starting her career in the 1940s working at renown publications such as Time and Life magazine, Arnold was the first woman to be admitted to the Magnum agency. She photographed stars like Jacqueline Kennedy, Joan Crawford and Dirk Bogarde, traveled worldwide and created a stunning array of photos of 21st century icons. In 2003 the Queen gave Arnold an OBE for her services to photography, and common themes Arnold refers to are poverty, birth, politics and women.

伊夫·阿诺德是美国的摄影记者,她照相各种各样的著名的照片,从在摄影场里边给玛丽莲·梦露拍照,到在蒙古的高原给驯马师拍照。在20世纪40年代时她开始工作在很著名的出版物,比如说她在Time(时候)杂志和Life (生活)杂志工作了。伊夫·阿诺德是第一个女人被准许加入Magnum社。她给明星拍照,比如说,杰奎琳·肯尼迪,克劳馥和包加得。她在全世界旅行和她创造大量的20世界明星的漂亮的照片。因为她很长的时间在摄影行业工作,在2003女忘给她英帝国勋章奖。她的照片都有普遍的主题;贫穷,生育,政治和女人。



If you’re careful with people and if you respect their privacy, they will offer part of themselves that you can use’ 

‘如果你对人小心,而且你尊敬他们的阴私,他们将给你他们自己的部分, 那唯一你会用’

Arnold told the BBC in 2002。伊夫·阿诺德在2002的英国广播公司采访时告诉记者。

One of the first American photographers to work in China, Arnold visited China in the late 1970s just as China was opening up to the West. On assignment for The Sunday Times, despite feeling extremely ill with bronchitis, Arnold captured this stunning photo of an elderly woman in a doorway. 


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