Colin McDowell评论时装新闻的作用 ~ Colin McDowell questions the role of the fashion critic

时装记者: (从左到右)Cathy Horyn, Godfrey Deeney, Suzy Menkes and Hilary Alexander。来源:Business of Fashion 时装商业 

英国的时装记者Colin McDowell评论时装新闻的作用。目前,在网络上越来越多的时装博客出现及这个情况挑战传统时装新闻记者的独尊。时装新闻记者的重要性是什么?我们|应该宁可经验丰富的记者吗?McDowell在这篇Business of Fashion文章讨论这个复杂的话题。

Esteemed British fashion journalist Colin McDowell questions the role of the fashion critic for the Business of Fashion. As the increasing number of fashion blogs challenge the traditional role of the fashion journalist, what is a fashion critic’s role and should we favour the opinions of experienced fashion journalists? McDowell discusses this complex issue in this Business of Fashion article. 

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