Babette for Babette


A few weeks ago my Nana unearthed a tape recording of her father, my great-grandfather playing a piece of music for me, Babette. We are still trying to discover the exact details, but for now we believe it could be this piece. Composed in 1903 by Victor Herbert, a renowned composer and musician at the turn of the century, Babette is an operetta in three acts. My great-grandfather William Hart, was an accomplished musician which is easy to see when listening to this beautiful piece. One of our favourite stories of him, was when he was waiting to be evacuated from Dunkirk, he was told to either keep his gun or his piano accordion. So of course he choose the piano accordion! Here is the piece of music.

Ming Xi’s Fashion Mix ~ 奚梦瑶的时装音乐

London based SHOWstudio asked Chinese supermodel Ming Xi to compile her greatest hits playlist. Here are her top 10 songs celebrating the intricate relationship between fashion and music:


Can’t Help Falling In Love – Ingrid Michaelson
Die Alone – Ingrid Michaelson
California Dreamin’ – The Mamas and The Papas
La Vie En Rose – Edith Piaf
孤独患者 – 陈奕迅
One Evening – Feist
Black in Black – ACDC
Somewhere Only We Know – Keane
Meet Me Halfway – The Black Eyed Peas
Yesterday – The Beatles