My co-authored paper on the Shanghai Xiaojie and modern Chinese fashion identities


A paper I recently co-authored with my mum Dr Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas, London College of Fashion, has just been published in Intellect’s International Journal of Fashion Studies. Entitled ‘The New Shanghai Xiaojie: Chinese fashion identities’, it is well worth a read for anyone interested in China’s fashion landscape today. Have a read here

Presenting at IFFTI conference in 2013


Just going through old emails and found these photos from when I presented at the IFFTI Fashion Conference back in 2013 as a MA Fashion Journalism student at the London College of Fashion. I presented a paper that I co-wrote with my mum Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas about London and Shanghai as fashion capitals and centers of fashion production and creativity. The 15th annual conference was held at FIDM in Los Angeles and academics from around the world attended and shared their papers under the conference theme of The Business & Marketing of Icons.



The LCF contingent outside FIDM

Harvard System of Referencing ~ 哈佛参考文献的系统

As I am currently writing my dissertation on Vogue China and a paper on the use of colour in Zhang Yimou’s Hero, I have been using the Harvard System of Referencing. The Anglia Ruskin University website is extremely useful and details every possible type of reference.

目前我写我的Vogue China学位论文和颜色在张艺谋的英雄,所以我用哈佛参考文献的系统。英吉利亚拉撕金大学的网站很有用和表示不同种的参考文献。

You can check this out at, 你能在这看到: