ShowTime luxurious Swarovski crystal false eyelashes ~ ShowTime 豪华Swarovski水晶家睫毛


Alexandra Burke wearing ShowTime lashes. 很有名的英国歌手穿着ShowTime家睫毛。

Immerse yourself in lash luxury and ensure a glamorous wide-eyed look with pioneering eyelashes brought to you by ShowTime cosmetics. These uniquely designed high-quality eyelashes are hand-made with love and are encrusted with genuine Swarovski crystals. ShowTime lashes are easily applied and feature a range of exclusive styles.

ShowTime also offers a bespoke service enabling you to tailor and perfect your desired look using the highest quality materials and tools to ensure you receive the ultimate in luxury and a fabulous night.

Designed by Josie Chan, a London College of Fashion alumni of fashion design and producer in a leading photography stock firm. Josie has turned her passion for cosmetics, a life in lashes and wide industry based experience to expand the selection available in high-quality luxurious false eyelashes. 

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ShowTime提供一个订制的选择,这让你选择你最喜爱的风格。这个家睫毛用最好的材料和工具所以你当然有最奢华之物。Josie Chan自己设计ShowTime的产品,她是伦敦艺术大学的服装设计校友,她也在很有名的摄影的公司成为制片人。Josie不仅爱化妆品和每天穿这家睫毛,而她见多识广。如果你想高级质量的家睫毛,你必须选择ShowTime。