Bulgari – Mon Jasmin Noir

I have fallen in love with Bulgari’s ‘Mon Jasmin Noir’ fragrance campaign. A majestic lion wanders among a manicured garden, following the ethereal Kirsten Dunst, all in a Mediterranean ambiance. Watch the video here:  http://en.bulgari.com/browse/flash/mon-jasmin-noir-movie

我非常喜欢Bulgari的最新做的香气的收藏,这叫’Mon Jasmin Noir’ (中国的翻译是我的黑色的茉莉花)。一只自豪的狮子在一个修剪整齐的花园里逛逛和跟随着太漂亮的Kirsten Dunst. 这环境就象地中海地区一样。你会看到这部电影在这里:http://en.bulgari.com/browse/flash/mon-jasmin-noir-movie

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