‘Buffalo Beijing: Translation’ Art Exhibition Opening ~ ‘水牛城和北京:翻译’ 艺术展览开业

Artists, sinophiles and professors gathered on Friday evening to celebrate the opening of the ‘Buffalo Beijing: Translation’ art exhibition. This pop-up gallery showcases the results of a  cross-cultural collaboration between students at the University at Buffalo Visual Studies department and students from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing. As part of the New York Conference on Asian Studies at UB, this thought-provoking eclectic exhibition examines topics such as the urban wastelands of Buffalo and Beijing and the cycle of  inspiration and expiration. 


‘Legend’ by Ji Yucheng,  Timothy Scaffidi and Ellen Rogers. Wire animals representing Chinese and American identity were projected onto a blank screen.

‘传奇’是Ji Yucheng, Timothy Scaffidi 和 Ellen Rogers 的艺术作品。他们制造金属丝的动物,这些动物表示中国和美国的特性。然后,动物被投影在屏幕上。


This piece of video art by Alice Alexandrescu, Shasti O’Leary Soudant and Yu Faye Faye entitled ‘Ception’ examined the topic of contraction and expulsion by showing various pairs of hands squeezing sponges oozing with vibrant coloured liquids. 

Alice Alexandresu, Shasti O’Leary Soudant 和 Yu Faye Faye制造一个电影艺术作品叫‘Ception’。这作品为了检查收缩和逐出的话题,这作品表示很多手有着海绵擦,在海绵擦 里有着很亮颜色的液体。

Christopher Fox and Liu Ling Zi examined the similarities between Buffalo and Beijing in particular the urban wastelands in this documentary entitled ‘I Seek’. Over a fortnight the artists approached people in Beijing asking what it is that they were searching for, and filmed their replies as the interviewee  held the sign ‘I seek’. The artists commented ‘Some of the answers, especially from the elders, were shocking. They had never considered the question before, as if no one had ever asked them. Many of them would not answer. Some of them could not answer’. 

Christopher Fox和Liu Ling Zi 表示北京和水牛城的相似,尤其是城市荒地。他们制造一个纪录片叫‘我找’。在两个星期里,画家问很多的北京人一个问题 – ‘你找什么?’ 。画家拍摄他们的回答,人在手里有着一个指示牌,在指示牌上有一些汉字‘我找’。画家说‘有些回答很感动,尤其老人的回答。他们未来考虑这个问题,这象人还不问他们这样的问题一样。很多人不愿意回答,有些人不能回答‘。


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