Fashion in Motion: Olivier Saillard

London fashionistas gathered to watch the highly anticipated ‘Models at Work’ a performance created by Olivier Saillard on Friday night. The Raphael Gallery at the V&A was a fitting dramatic location for the show as the Old Masters gazed down upon the runway and packed audience. Paris-based museum director, curator and performer Olivier Saillard worked with five renowned French models to explore the development of the poses of the fashion model. Saillard commented on his usage of famous 1980s & 1990s models that ‘modern models are really strict, like hangers’ and he wanted to show how models in the 80s had attitude. 

Separated into five sections, the audience was treated to the opening of models wearing black sheaths mirroring the protective sheaths used in early 20th century fashion houses, which was quickly followed by models playing with the manifold uses of the white tunic, whose pattern reflected those worn by fashion houses in-house models. Dressed solely in black bodysuits the models mimed elegantly the actions of dressing and undressing for the third section and the fourth section joyfully explored fashion designers’s uses of calico in the design process as models ripped and reshaped calico forming new garments. 

The climax of the show showcased inventive and delicate black tulle garments designed by Christian Lacroix. Lacroix looked to the silhouettes of outfits by designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier and Claude Montana for his inspiration. Not only featuring a selection o the world’s top fashion designers and models, Fashion in Motion at the V&A also involves a wide audience in the exciting and captivating catwalk experience. 

在星期五时伦敦时装迷一起看Olivier Saillard的非常期待的‘模特工作中’的表演。拉斐尔的美术馆完美举办了这个表演,在下面的老马斯特斯的画一个拥挤的观众看到T台。巴黎人Olivier Saillard在博物管经理,馆长和表演工作。他和5个著名法国模特一起工作,为了表示时装模特的姿势发展。Saillard用80年代90年代的模特,他说‘今天的模特太严格,他们象衣架一样’, 他要表示80年代的模特的特征风格。

T台表示分开5个部分,最早的时候观众看到模特穿黑色的衣服,和早20世纪的时装家的保护衣服。此后模特表示白色的无袖上衣很有用,无袖上衣的样式和时装家内的模特穿的衣服。后来模特只穿黑色的紧身衣,他们很秀的模仿穿和脱衣服的运动。接下来的四个部分表示时装设计者怎么用 印花布时,模特撕印花布和创新的衣服。

最后,模特穿创造的和易碎的黑色蒂勒的衣服。拉克鲁瓦创造那些衣服,其他的设计者衣服的背影鼓舞他。伊夫·圣·洛朗,让· 保罗· 高提耶和蒙塔纳都鼓舞他。不仅表示一些世界最著名的时装设计者,‘Fashion in Motion’ 在维多利亚和阿尔伯特博物馆也包含一个大观众在一个非常兴奋的和迷住的T台的经历。






‘The body of fashion is not clothes, it is the body of the woman’ Olivier Saillard ‘时装的身体不是衣服,是女人的身体’



‘No more clothes, just be yourself’ Olivier Saillard ‘还不用衣服,只要be yourself’







Try to escape the ‘timeless tyranny of the present’ 。试逃走‘目前的无时间的虐政’


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