Fashion in Film: Miss Piggy in The Muppets (2011) ~ 时装的电影:The Muppets的小猪小姐

After a 12 year hiatus, Miss Piggy returns to our screens in style.  Miss Piggy is now the plus-size editor of Vogue Paris, with the stunning Emily Blunt as her fashion assistant (playing a similar character to her Devil Wears Prada role). Not only extremely easy to watch and humorous, The Muppets brings back to our screens the well-loved fashionista Miss Piggy. See her in her Conde Nast office in this clip:

十二年的不见之后,很时髦的小猪小姐回来我们的银幕。现在小猪小姐是法国 Vogue大号的编辑,她的时装助手是Emily Blunt. Blunt的角色与她的撒旦穿普拉大的角色一样。The Muppets不仅是一部好容易看和可笑的电影,而且让喜爱和时髦的小猪小姐回来我们的银幕。这个电影的部分表示她工作在她的孔德纳撕特的办公室。

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