Journalism in Film: Kill the Messenger 新闻业的电影

A recurring column about journalism in film. Read the inaugural post about His Girl Friday here

Kill the Messenger (2014) is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat crime thriller based on the true story of American journalist Gary Webb. Jeremy Renner stars as Webb, who uncovers the alleged role the CIA plays in importing crack cocaine into the U.S. to fund Nicaraguan contra rebels. Webb is warned to stay away from the story but persists and publishes it under the series Dark Alliance. The CIA then proceeds to launch a smear campaign against Webb who faces tremendous obstacles to keep his family and reputation intact. An inspiring watch for investigative, powerful journalism.

Kill the Messenger (2014 年) 一个快节奏非常令人兴奋犯罪惊悚片 这个故事根据美国记者 Gary Webb 真实故事位演员杰瑞米 · 雷纳扮演Webb, 揭示了被指控阴谋理论美国中央情报局美国资助尼加拉瓜反对派可卡因韦伯警告不许发布故事, 仍然存在发布黑暗联盟系列中情局然后启动韦伯诽谤, 韦伯面临着巨大障碍保持家庭声誉不变鼓舞人心电影调查 强大新闻


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