Barbie Fashion Illustrations ~ 巴比时装画

Here are a selection of fashion illustrations by the extremely talented fashion designer Robert Best for the Barbie Fashion Model Collection. Barbie oozes sophistication and elegance in these illustrations. Watch this vintage 1960’s advert for Barbie.

时装设计师Robert Best的巴比时装模特系列的时装画很漂亮。巴比在这些时装画太老练的和优美的。看这个1960年巴比的广告吧。

Barbie Fashion Model Collection ~ 巴比时装模特的系列

Taking inspiration from the French ateliers, the 2012 Barbie Fashion Model Collection shows a wide array of elegant and sophisticated sartorial choices for Barbie. From Hollywood starlets to Chanel suits in Paris, principal designer Robert Best comments ‘this collection celebrates the craft of making couture clothing – the incredibly detailed process that takes place in atelier. This is where high-fashion begins and it is the heritage and glamour of Barbie’. 

2012年巴比时装模特系列接受法国的工作室鼓舞。这系列包括广泛的范围的优雅的巴比时装选择。从好莱坞的小影星到巴黎香奈儿的西装,主要的设计师Robert Best说:‘这个系列庆祝创造高级时装的工艺,在工作室里发生很详细的过程。在这里高级时装开始和它是巴比的遗产和奢侈’。






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