My co-authored paper on the Shanghai Xiaojie and modern Chinese fashion identities


A paper I recently co-authored with my mum Dr Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas, London College of Fashion, has just been published in Intellect’s International Journal of Fashion Studies. Entitled ‘The New Shanghai Xiaojie: Chinese fashion identities’, it is well worth a read for anyone interested in China’s fashion landscape today. Have a read here

Victoria Beckham for Harper’s Bazaar China ~ Victoria Beckham 在时尚芭莎的封面

Victoria Beckham stars in an Oriental dramatic shoot for Harper’s Bazaar China shot by Chinese photographer Chen Man. Dragon and Tibetan mood headpieces are matched with dragon detailing and fresh makeup.

Victoria Beckham在中国时尚芭莎的封面是一个东方每和激动人心的照片。 陈曼拍Victoria的照片。龙和西藏的帽子和龙的细节和自然的化妆品非常相配。