Graduate Fashion Week 2013 ~ 毕业时装周

graduate fashion weekgraduate fashion week

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graduate fashion weekgraduate fashion week

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As the Production Editor on Graduate Fashion Week’s official newspaper ‘twenty2′ I had the extremely exciting opportunity to see several of the GFW shows. I particularly enjoyed University of Central Lancashire’s show, especially Emily Rose Hughes’ China Doll inspired collection. The accessories were fantastic – card cut outs of satchels, trash can lids and oversized plaits!

我是2013年毕业时装周正式报纸’twenty2′的产生编辑,所以 我去了几个时装走秀. 我特别喜欢兰开夏郡中心大学,尤其是Emily Rose Hughes 的东方照片系列。 饰品非常好,纸包,辫子和垃圾箱的盖子!

twenty2 Graduate Fashion Week official newspaper – Tiphaine de Lussy interview ~ 毕业时装周报纸的采访

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我是2013年毕业时装周正式报纸’twenty2’的产生编辑。你会看我对针织品设计者Tiphaine de Lussy的采访:

I was the Production Editor for this year’s Graduate Fashion Week official newspaper, twenty2. You can read my interview with knitwear designer Tiphaine de Lussy for twenty2 here:

GFW 22 tiphaine article


I was snapped at Graduate Fashion Week by the Editor of Rebel Magazine.

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graduate fashion week