Journalism in Film: His Girl Friday ~ 新闻业的电影

‘His Girl Friday’ (1940) is an amazingly fast-paced, hectic American comedy focusing on Walter Burns (played by Cary Grant) and Hildy Johnson (Rosalind Russell). Adapted from the play ‘The Front Page’, ‘His Girl Friday’ encapsulates the energy and drive of working at The Morning Post newspaper. Hildy is a witty, driven and sharp character who is driven to get the story and get it before anyone else. Her dedication and motivation is why she is chicstranger’s Monthly Muse also.

‘他的女人周五’ (1940年)是一部非常快的步调美国的喜剧。主要的角色是Cary Grant的角色Walter Burns,和Rosalind Russell的角色Hildy Johnson。将‘封面’的戏剧改编为电影,‘他的女人周五’作为在‘早报’工作的精力充沛的气氛的代表。Hildy的角色是风趣和进取心强的,她要得到最新的新闻。因为她很进取心强她也是chicstranger的博客的这个月的灵感的源泉。