Natural Angelina poses for Louis Vuitton in Nature ~ 很自然的Angelina Jolie为Louis Vuitton在自然里面装样子

Angelina Jolie is launched as the new face of Louis Vuitton for their ‘core values’ range. Shot by Annie Leibovitz in stunning Cambodian countryside, Angelina shows how nature is no excuse for not carrying a designer handbag. Holding close ties to Cambodia after filming for Tomb Raider in Siem Reap and adopting her son Maddox from Cambodia, Angelina’s natural beauty is complemented by her stunning surroundings.

Louis Vuitton为他们的’核心价值观念’ (core values)的收藏 用Angelina Jolie。Annie Liebovitz在很漂亮的柬埔寨的农村给Angelina拍照。不管我们在不在农村,Angelina表示我们应该一直用名牌手包。她根柬埔寨有很亲密的关系,她在柬埔寨拍摄‘Tomb Raider’,而且在那儿里收养她的儿子叫Maddox。挺票亮的Angelina和漂亮的范围是对彼此最好的补充。




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