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新年快乐! Happy new year!

Happy new year of the dragon! 龙年快乐!

‘Power in China was vested in the Dragon Throne and the emperor wore robes with dragons emblazoned upon them’ (Rutherford & Menzies 2004: 59).  Dragons represented masculine vigour and fertility and was ‘often pictured chasing the pearl of wisdom, demonstrating ‘the emperor’s search for the divine truth…to the benefit of the empire’ (Garrett 1998: 51). 

Emperor’s yellow longpao dragon robe. Qianlong period (1736-95). 

To celebrate the new year of the dragon, dragons are appearing in numerous collections from diamond watches to evening dresses this Spring. 为庆祝新龙年,在许多的时装系列,从钻石的手表到奢侈的连衣裙,这春天龙发现了。



A stunning collection of diamond-encrusted stylish Piaget watches。非常漂亮的 伯爵钻石手表.


Signature bold prints at Versace with the dragon dress and  handbag. 这龙连衣裙和手包是Versace的著名大五色的图案的趋势。

Start your mornings in style with this Nespresso dragon collection。开始每天很髦的和这个Nespresso龙系列。

Practicality without losing glamour – Converse Chinese New year collection。 实用和奢侈的 – Converse龙年新系列。


Gold dragons decorate the lavish interiors of the auspicious $1.2 million Rolls-Royce Dragon Phantom Model. 


Piaget 伯爵 –

Versace –

Converse –


Rolls-Royce 罗尔斯•罗伊斯 –

Louis Vuitton Windows on New Bond Street, London ~ 在伦敦的New Bond Street的’路易·威登’Louis Vuitton商店的橱窗陈列

Louis Vuitton on New Bond Street is visual merchandising heaven. A great mix of luxury goods with humor, these window displays of zebras playing with luxury handbags are absolutely fab. Very eye-catching and showing a playful side to LV, I can’t decide which one I now want more – a zebra or a new LV bag, I think both.

在伦敦的New Bond Street的路易威登商店的橱窗陈列是很好商品推销。奢侈品和风趣的融合,这些橱窗陈列表示斑马和奢侈饰品一起,非常有意思!这是很引人注目和这表示路易威登的顽皮的方面。太难决定更要什么,斑马或者新的LV包子,我两者都要。


Natural Angelina poses for Louis Vuitton in Nature ~ 很自然的Angelina Jolie为Louis Vuitton在自然里面装样子

Angelina Jolie is launched as the new face of Louis Vuitton for their ‘core values’ range. Shot by Annie Leibovitz in stunning Cambodian countryside, Angelina shows how nature is no excuse for not carrying a designer handbag. Holding close ties to Cambodia after filming for Tomb Raider in Siem Reap and adopting her son Maddox from Cambodia, Angelina’s natural beauty is complemented by her stunning surroundings.

Louis Vuitton为他们的’核心价值观念’ (core values)的收藏 用Angelina Jolie。Annie Liebovitz在很漂亮的柬埔寨的农村给Angelina拍照。不管我们在不在农村,Angelina表示我们应该一直用名牌手包。她根柬埔寨有很亲密的关系,她在柬埔寨拍摄‘Tomb Raider’,而且在那儿里收养她的儿子叫Maddox。挺票亮的Angelina和漂亮的范围是对彼此最好的补充。




LV share 高以翔

Taiwanese actor-turned-model Godfrey Gao, already popular due to Taiwanese TV dramas,  is the new face of Louis Vuitton’s Men’s SS11 fashion campaign. Hello!

台湾来的很有名演员和模特儿叫高以翔,现在他是Louis Vuitton的男人春天收集的新模特。太好看!你好。。。