college fashion shoot

As I work as a stylist assistant in Asia and Europe, here are my top tips for doing a college fashion shoot:

Research fashion shoot poses: Pick up a selection of fashion magazines, Vogue, Elle etc. Or go to your college library and have a look at what they have there including fashion books. Rip out, scan in or take a photo of any shoots you like the look of – look at the editorial shoots and also the adverts. Look for different types of photos – full-length, from mid-thigh up, hips up or even a zoom in on the models face. Full length – crouched down, side stride but looking at the camera etc. Choose a few of each type. Possible shots: both hands on hips, zoom in on face with hood up, zoom in with hands on face. Storyboard the shoot.

Plan your time: You are probably going to do around 10 photos so choose a few poses for each. Professional shoots can take up to an hour for the first shot and then it speeds up.

Choose the mood of the shoot: Know the story of the shoot. Let the photographer, makeup artist and hairdresser know what mood a few days before the shoot so they can prepare. It would be fab if they can practice on the model before the shoot so you can decide on the look

Location: inside/outside. if it’s inside you might want to choose props, like a chair for more interesting shots

Clothing: If you already have outfits from fashion students then now think about accessories. Whose providing accessories? Are models bringing their own shoes?  Think about jewellery.

Emergency Kit: Don’t forget boob tape, safety pins, your pose storyboards, needle and thread, scissors, music to keep everyone energised!

On the day: remember to give instructions to your model, they don’t know how the photos are looking so don’t be scared to really direct them, ‘look fierce’ ‘move your arm here’

Watch London College of Fashion students at work here

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