Pradasphere lands in Hong Kong


Pradasphere has recently landed in Hong Kong. Located at the Central Ferry Pier number 4, the same location where Shanghai Tang hosted a fun pop-up in Mongolian yurts a few years ago, the exhibition explores Prada’s universe. Showcasing dozens of outfits and accessories from Prada’s extensive archive, the exhibition is divided into six key areas; Origins, Evolution, Typologies, Specimens, Construction and Observation. A highlight is an interactive display which shows campaign images, lookbook shots, fashion films and iconic advertisement images. Running to December 5th be sure to check it out if you are in town.

Pradasphere 最近 香港开设次展览位于中央渡轮码头数字 4,上海主办一个有趣同一位置存储使用蒙古包年前上海主办一个有趣存储相同位置使用蒙古包次展览探索Prada 的历史次展出共有数十名服装配件从Prada 的广泛存档展览分为六个关键领域 起源 演变 类型 标本 建设观察亮点交互式显示显示运动图像 时尚电影标志性广告图像开放直到 12 月 5 日,所以如果有空时间必须出看











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