My Hong Kong tips

I’m often asked what tailor I use or where I get my hair done in HK. So I thought I would put all this info into one post 🙂 just in case it helps! This is no way meant as a definitive list just some insights.


Fashion Alterating & Tailor Company, 2nd floor, Melbourne Plaza, Central. This place has altered soo many items of clothing for me, from vintage jumpsuits to tailored trousers to flowing ball gowns. I would bring anything here. See my Insta post here for a photo of the store and the jumpsuit I recently altered.

Cobblers/shoe repair in HK:

The best cobblers by far is Shing Do Shoe Repair, No.6 Pedder Lane in Central. They have fixed my heels, loafers, even hand-embroidered flats from an ancient Chinese town. Open 10:00-7:30pm Mon-Fri, so really convenient if you’re in Central.

Hair dresser in Hong Kong for curly hair:

More recently I have been visiting the Firm in Central. Before this I went to Ivy at Upper Room in Causeway Bay. I would be so wary of hair salons saying they can cut curly hair. Paul Gerrard did an amazing cut but I paid nearly 5,000HKD for a cut and highlights once.

I buy curl cream from Sasa or from The Firm, but mostly I buy in bulk during a trip to London.

Facial bleaching cream:

Fanda Pharmacy, Worldwide House, Central

Best spot for a wax in HK:

Nude waxing, locations in Causeway Bay and Central.

Dim Sum spots:

Dim Sum in Happy Valley. I would also take guests to Maxim’s Palace in City Hall (but avoiding for the moment – google for Maxim’s Group and HK protests for why).

Nice restaurants with great service and vibe:

Personally, I like any restaurant from the Pirata Group. I loved Chifa Dumpling House and Madame Ching but both have shut down recently – I like Pici for pasta feasts. For Chinese food definitely The Monogamous Chinese (very reasonable and filling lunch sets and great for a statement dinner). I also like Maison Libonaise, Le Souk and Olive.


I really recommend signing up to the HK public library. Its super easy, and they have an amazing collection of books.

Where to drop clothes for charity stores:

If I can’t re-gift clothes or books I no longer want, I drop them off at the Salvation Army Wan Chai drop off point just off Woods Road.

Cantonese classes:

I took some great classes at VTC, 20 hours for only 1,000HKD, and if you pass you get a rebate so it worked out approx 600HKD in total! I took the course in Survival Cantonese.

Where to live in HK:

My top advice is to find out where most expats live now / think is trendy and avoid it. Eg Kennedy Town rental prices went really high after expats saw it as trendy. You can get cheaper rents if you live in a walk-up apartment (no lifts, only stairs). But normally the ones on the market for cheaper rents are 4 floors and up. I lived on a seven floor walk-up for a few years. It depends what you want, what your mood is, and where you work, but I would recommend Tin Hau / Tai Hang area for space, very convenient location but not too expensive rents. I would suggest the real estate agent Winnie at Landworld Property Agency for aparments in Tin Hau/Causeway Bay (office at 66 Tung Lo Wan Rd), often old buildings so they have some character but new bathrooms/kitchens.

Public walking / running track with a great view:

I used to jog at Happy Valley public running track – the track follows the horse racing track and you run inside the stadium which is fun. Free public entry. The entrances are a bit tricky to find – one is on Wong Nai Chung Road next to the public toilets, and some subway steps will lead you there.

E-waste recycling spots:

I drop off my old broken laptops at the government recycling scheme in Southorn Centre Building, after I pay someone to delete all the files off of it at the Wanchai Computer Centre. I drop off headphones/CDs at the local point – which for me is now in Tin Hau. If you google for community recycling spots you can drop off e-waste goods at these places.

Second hand furniture in HK:

I got all of my furniture secondhand, and I used several Facebook groups including Facebook marketplace: Swap-it-Furnitures Hong Kong HK home furniture and appliances sale swap-it-hk

I also used Asia Expat classified listings for a few products. I then used Go-Go Van to help me pick up the furniture, and often asked the driver to help dismantle it too if need be.

Cocktails/ Happy Hours in HK:

Here’s a list that was shared with me a couple of years ago (so double check a few of these before going)

208 3-7pm 2 for 1 house wines, espresso martini, Aperol spritz
Blue Bar – canapés 5:30-7:30pm
Iberico & Co, Peak Cafe 3-8pm
SNT 5-7pm
Gaia HK$198 w food
Cicada daily 3pm-7:30pm
Pastis 4-7pm HK$40
Posto free flow red
The Optimist 3pm-7:30pm every day
Aberdeen St Social Mon-Fri 5-7pm HK$50 wines, HK$68 cocktails
Jinjuu everyday 5pm-8pm up to HK$50
Commissary 4:30pm-8pm Mon-Fri
Mezcalito 6-8pm Mon-Fri, ladies night free flow rose 6-10pm Thursday’s
Le Garçon Saigon 4-7pm HK$98 all you can drink Mon-Fri, 3-6pm Sat-Sun free flow rose HK$198
URA Japanese 5:30-7:30pm HK$180 free flow
Amazake Mon-Thurs 7pm-9pm HK$200 free flow house wine, beers, sake
Bizou 4-8pm buy 1 get 1 and free canapés
Plat du Jour 3-8pm
HQ 5-6pm HK$5, 6-8pm HK$20, 8-9pm HK$50
Beef & Liberty LKF / Star Street HK$33 up Tuesday to Sunday 6-8pm
Dragon-I Wed-Fri 5-9pm HK$328 Moet, oysters, caviar
Ciao Chow Mon-Fri 3-6pm
China Tang TST 3-6pm everyday buy 1 get 1, free buffet style snacks
Motorino Mon-Fri 3-6pm HK$198 for 4 beers and a pizza
Marriott Q88 2 for 1
Mercato 5:30-7:30pm buy 1 get 1 every day
Tokyo Lima 5-7pm every day HK$48/68
Beefbar free flow on terrace every Thursday 5-8pm HK$390, daily HH 5-8pm
Mr. Wolf 3pm-8pm every day HK$40
ON Dining ladies night Wednesday 6-10pm champagne bellinis rose snacks


Moving a dog or pet to or from Hong Kong:

I would really suggest george at internationalpettravel dot com. Really great service, helped me move a ferret from Tokyo to Hong Kong which is really complex!




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