My Cosmoprof Asia 2015 Packaging Report for Stylus


My report on Cosmoprof Asia 2015 Packaging trends is now live on Stylus. Subscribers can read it here.

My China Daily Premium Luxe Beauty & What’s Hot What’s Not articles

Chinadaily lifestyle 201506_p2,7-page-002

My beauty and what’s hot what’s not articles were published in China Daily Premium Luxe’s June issue. Pick up the supplement with China Daily in Hong Kong on the last Friday of every month.

My research into Luxury Asian beauty products and trends for Stylus

stylus luxury

My research into luxury beauty products and trends in Asia for a Stylus beauty report has just gone live. Subscribers can check out the report here

My research into Asian fast consumption beauty trends for Stylus

stylus fast consumption

I researched Fast Consumption beauty products and trends in Asia for a report by Stylus. Subscribers can see the report here