My China Daily Lifestyle Premium article on the Burberry trench


My China Daily Lifestyle Premium June issue article on the iconic Burberry trench coat, you can read the article online here:


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Burberry A/W11 Accessories Collection ~ Burberry 秋冬天11 饰品收藏

Burberry has just released images from their A/W11 Accessories Collection. Ranging from olive greens to chocolate browns, snake skin rules this collection.  

Burberry 刚刚公开秋冬天饰品收藏的照片。在橄榄的绿色到巧克力的棕色之间,在这个收藏的主要材料是蛇皮。







April Showers

Burberry SS11 latest April Showers collection, using British models Cara Delevingne and Seb Brice. 

When its raining cats and dogs turn to Burberry. Bright, playful and optimistic, I love this red mac!

Burberry SS11 四月的收集叫April Showers.这两个模特是英国的。明亮的又活泼快乐的,我特别喜欢这红色的雨衣。