PhD Interviews – Vogue China & Chinese fashion magazines — Vogue China和中国时装杂志

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  • I’m a London College of Fashion PhD Candidate & my thesis topic is Vogue China and Chinese fashion magazines
    我在伦敦艺术大学时装学院的博士学位. 我研究Vogue China和中国时装杂志
  • I am now interviewing anyone who works or has worked at Vogue China
    我现在采访在Vogue China工作的人
  • Please do let me know if you know anyone I should talk to – it’s just a few simple questions 🙂 请告诉我, 如果你认识我可以和任何人交谈-这只是几个简单的问题 🙂

Top 20 Most Important Figures in Chinese Fashion ~ 中国时装二十最重要的人


今天时装的商业(Business of Fashion) 公布他们安排中国时装二十最重要的人。从超模特刘雯到 China Vogue编辑总临张宇,香港时装编辑Divia Harilela写这个有意思的文章。你会看这个文章在这: 

Today Business of Fashion released their list of the top 20 movers and shakers in Chinese fashion now. Hong Kong based fashion journalist Divia Harilela details the key players who range from supermodel Liu Wen to China Vogue editor Angelica Cheung. Read the full article at: