Hermès Leather Forever exhibition at PMQ


Two weeks ago Hermès opened one of the best fashion exhibitions Hong Kong has hosted in a long time. This month-long, fantastic exhibition  explores the brand’s inherent and intricate relationship with leather and is located at Hong Kong’s newest creative hub PMQ. The Leather Forever exhibition is spread over 13 rooms and showcases dozens of items from the label’s archives and workrooms. Leather hides in a multitude of colours are draped around the first room which also has a fun interactive display (see image three below) that displays the pattern of three of Hermès iconic handbags onto a leather hide. There is also a jacket designed by Jean Paul Gaultier as well as a workstation in the same room. The following rooms showcase dozens of the heritage brand’s must-have accessories such as the Kelly, horse saddles, driving gloves, luggage, travel cases, dog collars and even a motorbike covered in leather. The exhibition is full of high-tech displays and is a real visual feast, which ends on a fun note of two handbags ‘dancing’ against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s neon skyline. Only open for one more week until the 28th Sept, this is a definite must-see.

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