Konzepp Celebrates Launch of New Concept and New K11 Store


Last week multi-brand concept store and creative lifestyle platform Konzepp launched its new retailing concept and I had a great time celebrating the opening of their new store with the team! Located at art mall K11 in Tsim Sha Tsui, the new store stocks a wide range of emerging brands including womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories, jewellery, eyewear, timepieces, headwear, fragrances and even a dessert counter which was full of delicious cakes, pastries and craft beers for the event. Konzepp is now a branding powerhouse focusing on launching and promoting emerging brands, and prides itself on stocking a range of labels not found elsewhere in Hong Kong. You can find out more about Konzepp and its founder Geoff Tsui in my article for Business of Fashion. 


The new K11 store





If you’re in TST be sure to drop by and check the store out!

Konzepp_Opening 23

For the launch event the store was transformed into a carnival, with hop-scotch and Wheel of Fortune games, a popcorn maker and even a fashion show contest. The party was heaving with local celebrities and fashionistas and I even got to try my hands at making paper chatterboxes! Here’s a photo of me and Konzepp’s DEO and founder Geoff catching up, and then with Julia from Konzepp and other party goers.




Konzepp_Opening 363

Konzepp_Opening 21



For the event I wrote up a press release for the store which listed all of Konzepp’s cool partners at the event and are definitely worth checking out:

Amazake: Sleek Japanese bar and restaurant Amazake is located in the heart of Central in Hong Kong and will be gifting their signature Japanese spirits and delicious dishes to party guests so guests can see what the hype is all about.

Atenstudio: Hong Kong-based production studio Atenstudio was founded by three founders who were recently announced as L’Oreal’s ambassadors and educators will be getting guests in the carnival mood with free makeup and hair styling.

Beyond Jewelry: Decorative gold body jewellery tattoos are taking over the beauty world by storm now and so Hong Kong-jewellery brand Beyond Jewelry will hand out their their signature body adornment styles to lucky guests.

Blume Patisserie: Hong Kong-based bakery and cupcake store Blume Patisserie specialises in artistic cupcakes with delicate floral edible designs and will sate guests’ hunger throughout the party.

Chrome & Chase: Hong Kong-based apparel brand Chrome & Chase places luxury leisurewear at the heart of the brand and aims to reinvent the menswear market with its effortless garb which will be highlighted at the party.

Dienastie: Swedish eyewear brand Dienastie’s slick shades are great for avoiding Hong Kong’s pesky UV rays and the brand is fast expanding across Asia since its launch two years ago.

DQ Vodka: Premium Swedish vodka brand DQ Vodka is one of the country’s first Master Distiller that has released an undiluted vodka formula overseas and Konzepp’s guests will be able to taste this smooth, subtle spirit.

FACA: Accessories and clothing brand FACA targets the stylish, globe-trotting, modern man, and their newest collection of chic and urban male accessories will be on show at the party.

FuFu Creative: Creative agency FuFu promotes house music over Asia and Europe and also specializes in graphic design, and check out their designs at the Konzepp toy giveaway event during the launch party.

 Fujifilm: Japanese photographic film and camera maker Fujifilm will set up a station with FLASH Lab, Hong Kong’s leading photo booth rental company, where guests can take photographs and instantaneously print their pictures with custom editing.

Green Vitamin: Hong Kong-based health and wellness store and brand Green Vitamin will be offering a healthy and natural selection of juices using high-quality Australian organic wheatgrass seeds as well as organic locally-sourced kale.

IML: Creative agency Innex Media Labs will be assisting Konzepp with our online marketing to make sure if guests can’t attend our party, they can still engage with and share their Konzepp with us.

Jax Coco: Coconut water has become increasingly popular among creative types over the last few years and now Konzepp’s party guests can try 100 % pure coconut water brand Jax Coco’s pure and healthy beverages.

K Wave: Korean culture magazine K Wave will present a section with a Magazine cover print-out prop for guests to take photographs and a selection of images will appear in K Wave’s next issue.

Little Miss Cakey: Little Miss Cakey is a Hong Kong-based baker and cupcake specialist and guests will be licking their lips and asking for more after one bite of her delicious treats.

Mist: Asia’s first nicotine free electronic shisha stick brand Mist will be at the event to showcase their tobacco, tar and odour free sticks full of flavoursome fragrances such as strawberry, mint and apple.

Moonzen Brewery: Hong Kong-based Moonzen Brewery is a family-run nano brewery, and will be offering guests their 100% natural, un-pasteurized, living and lip-smackingly good beers throughout the party.

Nanoleaf: Nanoleaf’s bulbs are not only extremely eye-catching with unique designs but are also some of the most energy efficient bulbs in the world. Nanoleaf will be lighting up our launch party.

Talking Grapes: Wine specialist Talking Grapes will be treating customers to their signature red wine Monticello Vineyards Vintage 2008 from Napa Valley and white sparkling wine Saint-Hilaire 2010 from France.

The Artist: Belgian craft brewery and chocolatier The Artist has recently launched a service that lets customers personalize their mouthwatering treats and top-quality craft beer with customized beer labels and chocolate toppings so be sure to try them out!

Ukon no Chikara: Japanese beverage brand Ukon no Chikara’s magical anti-hangover drink is hot on the lips of Japanese drinkers and arriving guests will be able to sample their signature drink so they can get a heads start on beating tomorrow’s hangover!

QWSTION: Swiss accessories brand QWSTION will have their understated stylish bags on show at the event, including their organic cotton office bags – perfect for the fashionable urbanite on the daily grind.

ZIIIRO: German-designed timepieces label ZIIIRO has a unique take on telling time – their watches use brightly-coloured swirls and designs instead of traditional watch hands. ZIIIRO will show their latest youthful designs at the opening party.