Louis Vuitton Windows on New Bond Street, London ~ 在伦敦的New Bond Street的’路易·威登’Louis Vuitton商店的橱窗陈列

Louis Vuitton on New Bond Street is visual merchandising heaven. A great mix of luxury goods with humor, these window displays of zebras playing with luxury handbags are absolutely fab. Very eye-catching and showing a playful side to LV, I can’t decide which one I now want more – a zebra or a new LV bag, I think both.

在伦敦的New Bond Street的路易威登商店的橱窗陈列是很好商品推销。奢侈品和风趣的融合,这些橱窗陈列表示斑马和奢侈饰品一起,非常有意思!这是很引人注目和这表示路易威登的顽皮的方面。太难决定更要什么,斑马或者新的LV包子,我两者都要。


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