Fendi Exhibition at Landmark


Fendi recently hosted a pop-up exhibition to celebrate the opening of their refurbished Landmark flagship store. Located right inside one of Hong Kong’s glitziest shopping malls, the exhibition entitled “Fendi: Un Art Autre” explored the brand’s heritage and showcased key items from the luxury fur label’s archive. Karl Lagerfeld‘s sketches were displayed alongside a genuine working table covered in fur pelts as well as a wall covered in the brand’s most iconic handbags. Interactive boards allowed visitors to delve deeper into the brand’s history and the design process behind each garment on display. Following on the footsteps of recent exhibitions by brands such as Hermès, I’m sure there will be many more to come as international labels realise the power of targeting Mainland Chinese core consumers right where they are shopping.

Fendi最近主办一个展览庆祝他们翻新Landmark旗舰店开幕位于 香港最繁华购物商场之一次展览题为Fendi: Un Art Autre探索品牌的遗产展示了奢华皮草品牌档案关键项目Karl Lagerfeld草图显示一起真正工作皮毛覆盖毛皮以及墙上覆盖品牌的具标志性手袋交互式屏幕允许游客深入品牌的历史展出件衣服后面设计过程类似近期展览爱马仕品牌肯定更多展览,因为国际品牌意识到针对中国内地核心消费者他们哪里购物力量







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